Own 5.46 Acres in Klamath County OR – Great Views for Your Tiny Home Living!

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$14,999 $15,999
Minimum of $249 as document/set up fee and $751 of equity for a total of $1,000. Pay The document fee now and we will send an invoice for the remainder! Reserve Now

Owner Financing Price

$15,999 Plus Interest
Minimum of $249 as document/set up fee and $751 of equity for a total of $1,000 down and $199/mo. Pay The document fee now and we will send an invoice for the remainder! Reserve Now

Payment Note(s)

Minimum of $249 as document/set up fee and $751 of equity for a total of $1,000 down and $199/mo

Keep in mind these are just the minimum payments. You can put down more or increase monthly payments to save the cost of interest and shorten the term of your loan. Make sure to check out this blog post on how we charge interest on our sister company’s website. 

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Check out this 5.46 acres in Nimrod River Park and start dreaming about what you will do with your time out of the city. This area offers a bevy of can’t-miss things to do, from attending special events, to getting involved in the arts and learning about local history; to dining at independent restaurants and staying active at area parks. This is perfect for an investor, hunter, camper, adventurer, or someone looking to get off the grid and have a nice private place to call home! And with views of the pine trees and the majestic mountains, this is the ideal space for privacy.

At only $299 a month this property is a steal! Make an investment in your future and fun on the weekends with friends and family now. Spend your weekends in the wilderness and start dreaming of your dream home. There is no time limit to build….. so take your time and plan the perfect home.

Adventures await in nearby Lakes and Sprague River or the MULTIPLE national forests that surround the area. Imagine pulling up in your RV or truck and spend EVERY beautiful summer weekend here!You are welcome to visit the property any time, the google map, plat map and GPS coordinates are below so you can find it easily.

Check out the pictures and imagine getting to relax and rewind with great mountain views of plenty of open space anytime you want!

Check below for just a few of the things Klamath County Oregon has to offer below and get ready to have fun in all 4 seasons!

Far enough away to get the privacy that you want, but close enough to visit all the time!

Zoning: Residential – Residential – minimum 300 square feet .
Camping- 21 days for 6 months period – 42 days total in a year
RV- 21 days for 6 months period – 42 days total in a year

Water:  Possible Well or Water Hauling
Septic: Septic can be installed
Power: Power is nearby

Address: Rim Dr, Chiloquin, OR 97624
Google Map Link:

NW GPS: 42.477399 , -121.393612
NE GPS: 42.477405 , -121.391134
SW GPS: 42.476487 , -121.393905
SE GPS: 42.476493 , -121.391131

Nearby Cities:
Chiloquin ( 35 Mins / 31.3 Miles )

Klamath Falls ( 59 Mins / 46.8 Miles )
Medford ( 2 Hr , 8 Mins / 116 Miles )
Redding, CA ( 3 Hr , 12 Mins / 186 Miles )

Check out the pictures of this gorgeous property and imagine getting to spend as much Time here as you want!
Want to see a video? Email, call or text me and I’ll send you the files  

  • PRICING: Discount Cash Price: $14,999 plus a one time $249 document fee or alternatively…
    Owner Financing Price:  $175999, Minimum of $249 as document/set up fee and $751 of equity for a total of $1,000 down and $199/mo
  • NO prepayment penalties and NO hidden fees! We are flexible and can make this fit any budget if you can meet our minimum downpayment and monthly payment for this property. Eric and I are family men and enjoy making land ownership available to families like ours who want to make memories for years to come. we can owner finance with a land contract. If paying in cash, we can transfer with a warranty deed and guarantee a clean title
  • CONTACT KRISTY TODAY! Tele: (971) 248-6715‬ [email protected]

Property Information

Parcel Size






Nearest Cities


Parcel Number



Rim Dr, Chiloquin, OR 97624

Legal Description








Dirt Road


Power lines nearby!


Possible Well or Water Hauling


Oil/ Gas


42°28’35.4″N 121°23’38.1″W


Residential – Residential – minimum 300 square feet . Camping- 21 days for 6 months period – 42 days total in a year RV- 21 days for 6 months period – 42 days total in a year

Purchase Information/Fees

$45/year ($4/mo)

Property Tax

$21/year ($2/mo pro-rated) is included within the monthly payment for owner financed properties



There is no HOA for this property!


Note Servicing Fee

Monthly bookkeeping cost for owner financed properties.

Nearby Attractions

Klamath County Oregon

Beautiful Klamath County

Welcome to Klamath County, Oregon, home to Crater Lake National Park, the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, and Oregon’s City of Sunshine, Klamath Falls. Klamath County is home to approximately 70,000 people, with about 21,000 of those people residing in the city limits of Klamath Falls. Klamath County is situated in south central Oregon. The county is bounded on the south by California, on the east by Lake County, on 

Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

The Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge is a wildlife refuge in southwestern Klamath County on the shores of Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon. It was established in 1928 and contains some 14,400 acres of freshwater marshes. It is accessible only by boat from Rocky Point Resort and Rocky Point boat launch, Malone springs, and a few neighboring ramps. The refuge is part of the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Complex and is administered along with the other refuges of the complex from common offices in Tulelake, California

Fremont-Wimena National Forest

The Fremont–Winema National Forest is a United States National Forest formed from the 2002 merger of the Fremont and Winema National Forests. They cover territory in southern Oregon from the crest of the Cascade Range on the west past the city of Lakeview to the east. The northern end of the forests is bounded by U.S. Route 97 on the west and Oregon Route 31 on the east. To the south, the state border with California forms the boundary of the forests. Klamath Falls is the only city of significant size in the vicinity. The forests are managed by the United States Forest Service, and the national forest headquarters are located in Lakeview. 

Agency Lake

Agency Lake is a natural lake located west of Chiloquin in Klamath County, Oregon. It is actually the northern arm of Upper Klamath Lake, connected by a narrow channel. Its’ primary inflow is the Wood River, while its’ outflow is Upper Klamath Lake (indirectly the Link River). The lake has a surface area of approximately 9,000 acres. U.S. Route 97 runs along the east side.

Agency Lake Resort is located on the west side of the lake. Fishing is a popular activity on the lake. Six boat ramps are located on the lake. The Agency Lake Resort, located on the lake’s western shore, features a campground with 40 campsites, marina, boat ramp, and a convenience store.

Collier Memorial State Park

Collier Memorial State Park is a state park in southern Oregon. The park is operated and maintained by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. It is located on U.S. Highway 97, approximately 30 miles north of Klamath Falls and 105 miles south of Bend. The park covers 146 acres along the Williamson River

USA, Oregon, Crater Lake, Wizard Island, high view over

Wizard Island

Wizard Island is a volcanic cinder cone which forms an island at the west end of Crater Lake in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. The top of the island reaches 6,933 feet above sea level, about 755 feet above the average surface of the lake. The cone is capped by a volcanic crater about 500 feet wide and 100 feet deep. The crater was named the “Witches Cauldron” by William Gladstone Steel in 1885, who also gave Wizard Island its name at the same time. The land area of the island is 315.85 acres.

Willamette Pass Resort

Willamette Pass is a ski resort with Nordic trails in Milepost 62 Highway 70, Eugene, 97405, Oregon, United States