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Looking For 20+ Acres in the California Desert to Enjoy Colorful Sunsets? Check out this Kern County Property – Only $399 a Month!

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Discounted Cash Price

$18,999 $19,999
Minimum of $249 as document/set up fee and $1,751 of equity for a total of $2,000 down. Pay The document fee now and we will send an invoice for the remainder of your down payment! Remainder due in 3 weeks Reserve Now

Owner Financing Price

$19,999 Plus Interest
Minimum of $249 as document/set up fee and $1,751 of equity for a total of $2,000 down and $399/mo. Pay The document fee now and we will send an invoice for the remainder of your down payment! Reserve Now

Payment Note(s)

Minimum of $249 as document/set up fee and $1,751 of equity for a total of $2,000 down and $399/mo

Keep in mind these are just the minimum payments. Put down more to save the cost of interest. Make sure to check out this blog post on how we charge interest on our sister company’s website. 


Ready to get OUT of the big city and into the vast California wilderness and spend time in the desert and surrounded by Mountain Views and colorful sunsets? Then check out this 20+ acre off grid property and get ready to have adventure after adventure in Kern county. Enjoy the panoramic desert and mountain views along with the fields of beautiful wildflowers that grow all around

Check out just SOME of the things to do in this diverse county near the bottom of this listing. You can have fun all year round right from your own property! This is a great opportunity to have a hobby farm and do some greenhouse growing of your own.

Look at the pictures of this gorgeous property and imagine getting to spend all your free time enjoying these stunning mountain views!  

Want to see more pictures and a video? Call Text or Email me and I can send you the full file! [email protected] 971-248-6715

Have you been dreaming and picturing yourself owning some land in the California desert and mountains with amazing views and plenty of year round fun?  Just getting away from it all and forgetting about the stress of the city?  Well then I have just the place for you!   This is a place to bring the family and get away from it all and have a blast in the great outdoors  Come out and camp, hike, fish, hunt, you can even build an off grid cabin and make this the family getaway spot, or your permanent escape.

Own this property for only $399 a month and finally start enjoying your weekends again…. or make it permanent and escape the city life for good. This area is growing so your investment is sure to grow with it!
Use this as a weekend camping spot, or build a dream desert home and wake up to incredible sunrises and finish the day with orange and pink sunsets. You’ll Never run out of things to do and places to see in this huge county.

Its not too far from town when you need to do some shopping:
California City ( 28 Mins / 21.5 Miles )
Lancaster ( 1 Hr , 6 Mins / 61.7 Miles )
San Bernardino ( 1 Hr , 50 Mins / 92.8 Miles )
Los Angeles ( 2 Hr , 14 Mins / 130 Miles )

Have questions? Call, text or email me! 971-248-6715 or [email protected]

Address: Arcadia St, California City, CA, USA

Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/6Vcxk4axhrND12ip9
4 Corner GPS Coordinates:

NW GPS35.247860, -117.654140
NE GPS35.247890, -117.649920
SW GPS35.246000, -117.654080
SE GPS35.246020, -117.649850

Zoning: RURAL/AGRICULTURAL-VACANT LAND- On any residentially zoned parcel containing three (3) acres or more, detached accessory buildings shall not exceed a combined total of five thousand (5,000) square feet or three times the equivalent square footage of the principal dwelling, whichever is greater, and shall not exceed the maximum building height permitted in the applicable zoning district.
NO MINIMUM SQUARE FOOTAGE – Tiny Homes and Mobile Homes allowed.

Camping – Requires conditional use permit
RVs are Not allowed

Property Information

Parcel Size






Nearest Cities

California City

Parcel Number



Arcadia St ,California City, CA, USA

Legal Description








Arcadia St


Solar, generator or wind


Possible Well or delivery to a cistern


Oil/ Gas


35°14’52.4″N 117°38’59.7″W


RURAL/AGRICULTURAL-VACANT LAND- see above for description.

Purchase Information/Fees

$220/year ($19/month)

Property Taxes

$19/mo pro-rated is included within the monthly payment for owner financed properties


There’s no HOA for this property


Note Servicing Fee

Monthly bookkeeping cost for owner financed properties.

Kern County California

Kern County has sometimes been referred to as “The Golden Empire,” because of its rich history of gold, oil, and agricultural production. Located just two hours North of Los Angeles on the Kern River and right next to the Sequoia National Forest lies the city of Bakersfield, California. This southern California city in Kern County is considered a good place to live due to its high quality of life, affordability, and available housing.
Kern is the number one oil and agriculture-producing county in the nation, with the second most diverse economy. Kern is the energy building capital and has a flourishing healthcare infrastructure.

Kern County has 11 commercial airports, two military installations, four state prisons and two federal correctional facilities, five bus transit entities, two major bus stages, Amtrak, and three television stations. Kern is the largest producer of petroleum-based energy in the state and is a top national producer. Kern contributes more than 75% of onshore oil in California. A significant producer of natural gas, hydroelectric, solar and wind power (containing nearly 25% of California’s renewable energy), Kern is also noted for its mineral wealth including gold, borate, kernite (or rasorite) and borax.

Kern ranked number one for the value of agricultural products in 2016, across the nation, generating $7.2 billion. One in five jobs is related to the agricultural industry, from farmer to hauler, and farm workers. A significant provider of crops, Kern is home to more than 300 commodities) generating: 75% of the state’s carrots production; 47% of the state’s cherry production (9th in the nation); and 46% of the state’s potato production. Kern’s top commodities in 2016 were: grapes, almonds, citrus, pistachios, and milk.

Hart Memorial Park

Hart Park is one of Kern County’s oldest parks. The park was dedicated in 1929 as the Kern River Park, and renamed in 1947 for Kern County Supervisor John O. Hart.

The 370 acres of Hart Park along the Kern River now constitute the centerpiece of the 1,012 acre recreational complex called Kern River County Park, which also includes the:

Kern County Raceway Park

Kern County Raceway Park is a 120 acre multi-use facility in Bakersfield, CA at Enos Lane and Interstate 5. The track originally began construction in 2006 but construction was halted in 2008 during the financial recession. A new ownership and investment group led by Charlie Beard, Rusty Risi, and James Vernon led the track to its grand opening on May 18th, 2013

The Park at River Walk

The park is 32 acres, and contains two lakes connected by a stream. It is also the location of the Spectrum Amphitheater, one of two large outdoor theaters in Bakersfield. The park is located next to the Kern River Bike Trail. Plenty of grassy areas in sun and shade with 2 ponds. There are plenty of shaded picnic areas with BBQ grills.

Sierra South Mountain Sports

Experience whitewater rafting in Southern California on the Kern River with Sierra South Mountain Sports. Sierra South has established itself as a leader in the California whitewater rafting and adventure outfitter industry. From our guides and staff to our high level of service, state-of-the-art-equipment, and perfect location, it is our mission to provide you with an unforgettable experience that will keep you returning for years to come.