2 Acres of Desert Fun for Your Dream Ranchette in Apache County WITH UTLITIES in Arizona Can be YOURS for Only $199 a month!

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$11,999 $12,999
$249 as a non refundable document fee & $1,251 in equity for a total of $1,500 down. Pay the document fee now and we will send an invoice for the remainder of the down payment. Final payment is due within 3 weeks. Reserve Now

Owner Financing Price

$12,999 Plus Interest
$249 as a non refundable document fee & $1,251 in equity for a total of $1,500 down. Pay the document fee now and we will send an invoice for the remainder of the down payment. Monthly Payment of $199 Reserve Now

Payment Note(s)

Minimum of $249 as document/set up fee plus $1,251 in equity for a total of $1,500 down. Monthly payment is $199.

Keep in mind these are just the minimum payments. Put down more to save the cost of interest and shorten the term of your loan. Make sure to check out this blog post on how we charge interest on our sister company’s website. 

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Ready to have that homestead you’ve always wanted and have some time in the fresh air and enjoy some desert fun? You can OWN this 2 acre lot in AZ that is away from traffic, pollution, crowds and forget about all the city stress. Bring your dirt bikes, ATVs and 4x4s and get dirty on the weekends in Apache county!

This property would make a good site for a homestead, ranchette or RV. The neighbors are primarily trailers and RVs, and water cisterns, solar panels, and windmills were also being used. The drive in from Concho is fairly quick, making this property out of the way but easily accessible. Nearby towns such as Snowflake and Taylor have many amenities. 

Check out the pictures of the property and if you want to see more pics or a video call or text me at 971-248-6715, or Email [email protected] !  

Navajo County offers many attractions such as the Petrified Forest National Park where you can enjoy backcountry hikes into areas never open before such as Red Basin and little known areas like the Martha’s Butte. Navajo County is also home to more than 400 species of animals including antelope, elk, deer, fish, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, black bears, and gray wolves. This lot is only about an hour from Petrified National Forest Park!!

This property is perfect for someone who wants to get out of the city and disconnect from the busy city life. There’s no better climate than Northern Arizona— a perfect temperature for snowbirds during the winter and a fantastic playground during the summer for locals due to being 20 or 30 degrees cooler than Phoenix over the summer.

Some Notes from our photographer: The parcel is overall flat and had many shrubs throughout. The middle of the parcel on the south side did have some trees on the edge of the property. Cell phone coverage was excellent with 4-5 bars consistently while on the property.
The property is situated in a fully developed neighborhood, with single family homes and ranch homes all around it. Sewer manhole covers were noted on the north side of the property. The parcel seems suitable to have a ranch on it, with plenty of area to graze. It is moments away from 180 and is in a good spot to access everything St. Johns has to offer.  

Zoning: Vacant/Agricultural Land -no time limit to build and no minimum square footage. One single-family dwelling or one modular or mobile home per parcel.

Notes about access: Dale – engineering for St Johns  928-337-7528. This lot has legal access through the public easement land.

Camping/RVs: Allowed. If you want to live year round in your RV you need to have an approved septic system from the Dept of Health

Google Map Link:

4 Corner GPS Coordinates:
NW GPS: 34.509000, -109.378000
NE GPS: 34.508849, -109.374964
SW GPS: 34.508619, -109.378000
SE GPS: 34.508655, -109.374932

Nearby Cities:
St Johns (0.9 miles, 3 min)
Show Low (44.6miles 47min)
Holbrook (55 miles, 56 min)
Safford (198miles 3hr 41min)
Flagstaff (146, 2 hr 16 min)
Sedona (1674 miles 2 hr 56min)

  • PRICING: Discount Cash Price: $11,999.00 plus a $249 document fee, or alternatively…Owner Financing Price:  $12,999.00, $249 down payment for the doc fee (non-refundable)plus $751 in equity for a total of $1,000 down. Monthly payment: $199/mo.  
  • NO prepayment penalties and NO hidden fees! We are flexible and can make this fit any budget if you can meet our minimum downpayment and monthly payment for this property. Eric and I are family men and enjoy making land ownership available to families like ours who want to make memories for years to come. we can owner finance with a land contract. If paying in cash, we can transfer with a warranty deed and guarantee a clean title
  • CONTACT KRISTY TODAY! Tele: (971) 248-6715‬ [email protected]

Property Information

Parcel Size






Nearest Cities

St Johns

Parcel Number



St Johns, AZ 85936

Legal Description

Section: 28 Township: 13N Range: 28E







Dirt Road


Power on the road!


Water and Sewer lines available


Oil/ Gas


34°30’31.9″N 109°22’29.9″W


Vacant/Agricultural Land

Purchase Information/Fees


Property Taxes

$11/mo pro-rated is included within the monthly payment for owner financed properties



There’s no HOA for this property


Note Servicing Fee

Monthly bookkeeping cost for owner financed properties.

Nearby Attractions

Apache County

Apache County is justly noted for its great natural resources and advantages. It is destined some day in the early future to have a large agricultural population. Now, immense herds of cattle and flocks of sheep roam over its broad mesas and its fertile valleys.

Apache County is in the northeast corner of the U.S. state of Arizona. Shaped in a long rectangle running north to south, as of the 2020 census, its population was 66,021. Most of the county is occupied by part of the federally recognized Navajo Nation and the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, respectively.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Canyon de Chelly National Monument was established on April 1, 1931, as a unit of the National Park Service. Located in northeastern Arizona, it is within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation and lies in the Four Corners region. Reflecting one of the longest continuously inhabited landscapes of North America, it preserves ruins of the indigenous tribes that lived in the area, from the Ancestral Puebloans to the Navajo. The monument covers 83,840 acres and encompasses the floors and rims of the three major canyons: de Chelly, del Muerto, and Monument. These canyons were cut by streams with headwaters in the Chuska Mountains just to the east of the monument. None of the land is federally owned. Canyon de Chelly is one of the most visited national monuments in the United States.

Spider Rock

Towering pinnacle in a vast canyon to hike and backpack

Petrified Forest National Park

Petrified Forest National Park is an American national park in Navajo and Apache counties in northeastern Arizona. Named for its large deposits of petrified wood, the park covers about 346 square miles, encompassing semi-desert shrub steppe as well as highly eroded and colorful badlands. 

Navajo Nation

The Navajo Nation, also known as Navajoland, is a Native American reservation in the United States. It occupies portions of northeastern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico, and southeastern Utah; at roughly 17,544,500 acres, the Navajo Nation is the largest land area held by a Native American tribe in the U.S., exceeding ten U.S. states. In 2010, the reservation was home to 173,667 out of 332,129 Navajo tribal members; the remaining 158,462 tribal members lived outside the reservation, in urban areas, border towns, and elsewhere in the U.S.