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2 Acre WOODED Property to Build Your Dream Home in Gorgeous Northern CA – POWER Nearby!

Payment Options

Discounted Cash Price

$20,999 $21,999
Minimum of $499 as document/set up fee and $3,501 of equity for a total of $4,000 down. Pay The document fee now and we will send an invoice for the remainder of your down payment! Remainder due in 3 weeks Reserve Now

Owner Financing Price

$21,999 Plus Interest
Minimum of $499 as document/set up fee and $3501 of equity for a total of $4,000down and $449/mo. Pay The document fee now and we will send an invoice for the remainder of your down payment! Reserve Now

Payment Note(s)

Minimum of $499 doc fee plus $3,501 in equity for a down payment of $4,000. Monthly payments of $449/mo

Keep in mind these are just the minimum payments. Put down more to save the cost of interest. Make sure to check out this blog post on how we charge interest on our sister company’s website. 


Own 2 acres of gorgeous wooded property that is flat with plenty of spots to build! This gorgeous area is perfect for a weekend place, or moving out of the city and living in the trees. This peaceful area is just what you are looking for. Easy dirt road access and power are nearby so you don’t have to go off the grid!

Check out the pictures of this gorgeous property and imagine getting to spend all your free time enjoying these stunning mountain views!  
Want to see more pictures and a video? Call Text or Email Kristy and I can send you the full file! [email protected] 971-248-6715

This lot gives you access to tons of recreation and nature that is only minutes away. Enjoy fishing and hunting in nearby lakes, rivers, and wilderness areas. Tule River is only minutes away as well as McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park, as well as Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Right at the foothills of Soldier Mountains, is this quaint little property in Gomez is only minutes to Fall River Hills where you will find a hospital, a Dollar General, a golf and country club, a grocery store, and more!

Submerse yourself in this wooded landscape and relax in this peaceful place, close to many natural attractions and outdoor recreation:

– Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park, a boat-in-only park with crystal-clear water, is less than 20 minutes away

– The scenic Fall River Valley, which is noted for a variety of wildlife, is less than 20 minutes

– Cinder Flats State Wildlife Area, a nesting habitat for several wildlife, just 30 minutes away

– Burney Falls, which is fed by underground springs and flows at 100 million gallons every day, is a little over 30 minutes away

Have yourself a little piece of Shasta heaven and experience what this property has to offer!

Check out the pictures of this gorgeous property and imagine getting to spend all your free time enjoying these stunning mountain views!  
Want to see more pictures and a video? Call Text or Email me and I can send you the full file! [email protected] 971-248-6715

Own this property for only $449 a month and finally start enjoying your weekends again…. or make it permanent and escape the city life for good. This area is growing so your investment is sure to grow with it!
Use this as a weekend getaway when you build your mountain cabins. Enjoy good times with family and friends with the area activities and nature. You’ll Never run out of things to do and places to see in this gorgeous area.

It’s not too far from town when you need to do some shopping:
Fall River Mills (11 mi, 18 minutes)
Shasta Lake (80.5mi 1hr 33min)
Redding (78.1mi 1hr 29min)
Yuba City (191mi 3hr 31min)
Ukiah (263mi 4hr 45min)

Have questions? Call, text or email me! 971-248-6715 or [email protected]

Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/tMR6K25JgxTsn2gj6
Address: Sierra Way, Gomez CA

Google Map Link:
4 Corner GPS Coordinates:

NW GPS41.055701, -121.535122
NE GPS41.056165, -121.533939
SW GPS41.055168, -121.534948
SE GPS41.055157, -121.533945

Zoning: Anything over 120 sqft requires a building permit. If you install a 10×10 shed with no electrical or plumbing that is at least six feet from all other structures a permit is typically not required.
Mobile Homes are allowed. – You can typically apply for an install of a mobile home on a parcel. The zoning of the parcel would determine what age can be installed and what type of foundation. Tiny Homes-You can apply to build an efficient dwelling unit provided it meets the current California Building Code.

Camping/RVs: Camping and living out of an RV, both of these go against the Shasta County Ordinance.

The county will issue temporary RV permits once there is an issued building permit for a residence. This allows you to live onsite while the home is being built.


    Discount Cash Price20,999 plus a Minimum of $499 as document/set up fee and $3,501 of equity for a total of $4,000 down. Pay The document fee now and we will send an invoice for the remainder of your down payment! Remainder due in 3 weeks or alternatively…

    Owner Financing Price:  $21,999, $499 down for the doc fee (non-refundable), and $3,501 in equity for a total of $4,000 down. Monthly payment: $449/mo.

  • NO prepayment penalties and NO hidden fees! We are flexible and can make this fit any budget if you can meet our minimum downpayment and monthly payment for this property. Eric and I are family men and enjoy making land ownership available to families like ours who want to make memories for years to come. we can owner finance with a land contract. If paying in cash, we can transfer with a warranty deed and guarantee a clean title
  • CONTACT KRISTY TODAY! Tele: (971) 248-6715‬ [email protected]

Property Information

Parcel Size






Nearest Cities

Fall River Mills

Parcel Number



Sierra Way, Gomez CA

Legal Description

Lot 55, as shown on the map of Tract 1178B, Alpine Homes Subdivision Unit 2, filed in the office of the County Recorder on April 17,1972 in Book 14 of Maps at page 21, Shasta County records.







Dirt Road


Power is nearby


Delivery to a Cistern is the best option


Oil/ Gas


41°03’20.5″N 121°32’06.4″W


Anything over 120 sq ft requires a building permit. – see above for description.

Purchase Information/Fees

$72/year ($6/month)

Property Taxes

$6/mo pro-rated is included within the monthly payment for owner financed properties



There is no HOA for this property


Note Servicing Fee

Monthly bookkeeping cost for owner financed properties.

Shasta County California

The county occupies the northern reaches of the Sacramento Valley, with portions extending into the southern reaches of the Cascade Range. Points of interest in Shasta County include Shasta Lake, Lassen Peak, and the Sundial Bridge.

Mount Shasta

The gorgeous Mouth Shasta

Mount Shasta is a potentially active volcano at the southern end of the Cascade Range in Siskiyou County, California. At an elevation of 14,179 feet, it is the second-highest peak in the Cascades and the fifth-highest in the state. Mount Shasta has an estimated volume of 85 cubic miles, which makes it the most voluminous stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc. The mountain and surrounding area are part of the Shasta–Trinity National Forest.

Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark

Backpack and explore the caves and caverns!

The Lake Shasta Caverns are a network of caves located near the McCloud arm of Shasta Lake in California. It was formerly named Chalk Cave and Baird Cave, named after Spencer Fullerton Baird.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Take a dip and enjoy the gorgeous views

Lassen Volcanic National Park is an American national park in northeastern California. The dominant feature of the park is Lassen Peak, the largest plug dome volcano in the world and the southernmost volcano in the Cascade Range. Lassen Volcanic National Park is one of the few areas in the world where all four types of volcano can be found—plug dome, shield, cinder cone, and stratovolcano. The source of heat for the volcanism in the Lassen area is subduction of the Gorda Plate diving below the North American Plate off the Northern California coast. The area surrounding Lassen Peak is still active with boiling mud pots, fumaroles, and hot springs. Lassen Volcanic National Park started as two separate national monuments designated by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1907: Cinder Cone National Monument and Lassen Peak National Monument. 

Castle Crags State Park

Spend the day hiking, fishing and backpacking

Castle Crags is a dramatic and well-known rock formation in Northern California. Elevations range from 2,000 feet along the Sacramento River near the base of the crags, to over 6,500 feet at the summit of the tallest crag. Located just west of Interstate 5, between the towns of Castella and Dunsmuir, Castle Crags is today a popular tourist stop along the highway. Mount Shasta is 10 miles to the north. The formation and surrounding habitats are protected by Castle Crags State Park, located on both sides of Interstate 5 at them, and by Castle Crags Wilderness Area of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

McArthur-Burney Falls

McArthur-Burney Falls State Park is the second oldest park system in the California state park. The park’s major attraction is the 129-foot Burney Falls, which is fed by Burney Creek and is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the United States.

Lake Shasta

Spend the day enjoying these stunning views

Lake Shasta is one of the most popular house boating destinations on the west coast, so reservations are necessary if you want to stay on a houseboat. There are three Marinas to rent a houseboat Bridge Bay, Jones Valley, and Silverthorn. Lake Shasta is perfect for a summer vacation, weekend getaway, or day trip.

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Whiskeytown is centered around a lovely large lake covering more than 3,000 acres. The lake was created following the completion of the Whiskeytown Dam in 1963. Whiskeytown attracts more and more guests every year. Be sure and beat the crowds by making your way here sooner rather than later.