1 Acre Lot in the Colorado Mountains – Power, Trees, and Stunning Views – You can OWN this Property for Only $249 a Month!

Payment Options

Discounted Cash Price

$11,500 $13500
$249 as a non refundable document fee plus $751 in equity for a total of $1,000 as a down payment. Pay The document fee now and we will send an invoice for the remainder! Reserve Now

Owner Financing Price

$13500 Plus Interest
$249 as a non refundable document fee plus $751 in equity for a total of $1,000 as a down payment. Pay The document fee now and we will send an invoice for the remainder of your down payment! Reserve Now

Payment Note(s)

Minimum of $249 as document/set up fee plus $751 in equity for a total of $1,000 as a down payment. Monthly payment of only $249!

Keep in mind these are just the minimum payments. You can put down more or increase monthly payments to save the cost of interest and shorten the term of your loan. Make sure to check out this blog post on how we charge interest on our sister company’s website. 

To Get Started, Click the Pay Now, or Reserve Now Option. Have questions? Email Kristy at [email protected] or you can call or text me at 971-248-6715.


This property is the PERFECT getaway spot. Gorgeous views, plenty of trees, and power available for you dream home. This property in Cripple Creek Mountain Estates is just what you’ve been looking for in a weekend escape, or a retirement dream. If you have been looking to invest in property, this is the area to do it in. Not far from Colorado Springs, and Denver, so getting here is easy.

At only $249 a month this property is a steal! Make an investment in your future and fun on the weekends with friends and family now. Spend your weekends in the wilderness and start dreaming of your dream home. There is no time limit to build….. so take your time and plan the perfect home.

Check out the pictures and imagine getting to relax and rewind among the trees anytime you want!
Want to see the drone video? Email, call or tex me and I’ll send it to you!

Here are just a few of the things Teller County Colorado has to offer:

  • – Gold Medal Trout Fishing
  • – Gold Mine Tours
  • – Mountain Biking
  • – Horseback Riding
  • – Gambling at Cripple Creek
  • – Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center
  • – Pikes Peak Heritage Center
  • This is just a SHORT list of things to do in the area!  There are tons of fossil bed in the area, wildlife centers and Ute Pass is perfect to get that American Frontier experience you have been looking for!

This property is close and convenient to Colorado Springs and Denver, so you can come as often as you want without having to drive too far!

Far enough away to get the privacy that you want, but close enough to visit all the time!

Zoning: Residential: 1,200 square ft minimum size, per POA

Mobile homes ARE allowed
Camping/RV: Lots may be used for camping by the property owner for no longer than 14 days in a calendar year without prior approval, subject to the Board of Director’s rules and regulations which are on file at the Association Office.
Property Owners Association: [email protected] 719-689-2549 – Cripple Creek Mountain estates POA – $225/year

Address: 375 CALCITE DR, Divide, CO 80814, USA
Google Map Link:

NW GPS: 38.84679 -105.155589
NE GPS: 38.846263 -105.155546
SW GPS: 38.845812 -105.156442
SE GPS: 38.845607 -105.1562

Nearby Cities:
DEVIDE ( 12 Mins / 8.4 Miles )
Colorado Springs ( 49 mins / 34.5 Miles )
Pueblo ( 1 hr , 25 mins / 78.9 Miles
Denver ( 1 hr , 57 mins / 104 Miles )

Check out the pictures of this gorgeous property and imagine getting to spend as much Time here as you want!
Want to see a video? Email, call or text me and I’ll send you the files  

  • PRICING: Discount Cash Price: $11,500 plus a one time $249 document fee or alternatively…
    Owner Financing Price:  $13,500.00, $249 down payment for the doc fee (non-refundable) plus $751 in equity for a total of $1,000 down. Monthly payment: $249/mo.  
  • NO prepayment penalties and NO hidden fees! We are flexible and can make this fit any budget if you can meet our minimum downpayment and monthly payment for this property. Eric and I are family men and enjoy making land ownership available to families like ours who want to make memories for years to come. we can owner finance with a land contract. If paying in cash, we can transfer with a warranty deed and guarantee a clean title
  • CONTACT KRISTY TODAY! Tele: (971) 248-6715‬ [email protected]

Property Information

Parcel Size






Nearest Cities

Cripple Creek

Parcel Number



375 CALCITE DR, Divide, CO 80814, USA

Legal Description










Dirt Road


Power lines at the road on property


Well or City Water can be installed


Oil/ Gas


38°50’48.4″N 105°09’20.1″W


Residential – 1,200 square ft minimum size, per POA, Mobile Homes are allowed. Camping and RV for recreation are allowed.

Purchase Information/Fees

$81/year ($7/mo)

Property Tax

$81/year ($7/mo pro-rated) is included within the monthly payment for owner financed properties

$225/year ($19/mo)


Cripple Creek Mountain Estates POA. Contact: 719-689-2549 or [email protected]


Note Servicing Fee

Monthly bookkeeping cost for owner financed properties.

Nearby Attractions

Teller County Colorado

Beautiful Teller County

Everyone has to come from somewhere and residents of Teller County come from everywhere around the world. Drawn by a love of nature & the outdoors, clean, crisp fresh air, and pristine mountain scenery it’s not surprising that more and more people are finding Teller County, Colorado the perfect place to call home!

Teller County is made up of young families, retirees, singles, medical & legal professionals, corporate CEOs, artists, musicians, carpenters, active military, and even gold prospectors. Such a diverse population means you never know who you’ll meet along your favorite hiking, biking, or horseback riding trail.

Most residents are truly very friendly and hospitable. We say most because you will surely find a real character here and there. Long time residents are often quick to fill you in on the best restaurants to try, shops to puruse, and which of the many outdoor activities are their favorites.

Teller County is a family friendly and pet friendly community. Multiple school districts, a variety of religious organizations, area summer camps, senior and early childhood development programs, art & culture programs and outlets, and numerous opportunities allowing anyone to become an active part in our communities offer something for anyone desiring to make the move to Colorado mountain living.

There is also our true Western heritage of independence. Want to just get away from everything and enjoy the mountain beauty along with peace & quiet? Teller County, Colorado is your place to be.
Now for the fun stuff!!!  What to do when you visit…. Well get ready, there are tons of things to keep you busy in this beautiful area!

San Isabel National Forest
 The forest contains 19 of the state’s 53 fourteeners, peaks over 14,000 feet high, including Mount Elbert, the highest point in Colorado. It is one of eleven national forests in the state of Colorado and contains the Sawatch Range, the Collegiate Peaks, and Sangre de Cristo Range. It has a total area of 1,120,233 acres spread out over parts of eleven counties in central Colorado. In descending order of land area it is located in Chaffee, Custer, Lake, Huerfano, Fremont, Pueblo, Saguache, Las Animas, Park, Costilla, and Summit counties. San Isabel National Forest is co-managed by the Forest Service together with Pike National Forest, Cimarron National Grassland, and Comanche National Grassland from offices in Pueblo. There are local ranger district offices located in Cañon City, Leadv

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument
The Florissant Formation is a sedimentary geologic formation outcropping around Forissant, Teller County, Colorado. The formation is noted for the abundant and exceptionally preserved insect and plant fossils that are found in the mudstones and shales. Based on argon radiometric dating, the formation is Eocene in age and has been interpreted as a lake environment. The fossils have been preserved because of the interaction of the volcanic ash from the nearby Thirtynine Mile volcanic field with diatoms in the lake, causing a diatom bloom. As the diatoms fell to the bottom of the lake, any plants or animals that had recently died were preserved by the diatom falls. Fine layers of clays and muds interspersed with layers of ash form “paper shales” holding beautifully-preserved fossils. The Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument is a national monument established to preserve and study the geology and history of the area

Gold Mine Tours
The Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine is a historic vertical shaft mine near Cripple Creek, Colorado. The mine shaft descends 1,000 feet into the mountain, a depth roughly equal to the height of the Empire State Building in New York City. The mine currently gives tours, and is visited by around 40,000 people annually. The addition of the mines and subsequent tours of this mine and others in the area had considerable effect on the economies of both Victor, Colorado and Cripple Creek.

Crags Trail Head & Horsethief Park Trailhead
Well marked and easy to follow trails for hiking and backpacking that give you the views of Colorado that you’ve been dreaming about. Bring the dogs and kids and enjoy a day of fun in the wilderness.

Pikes Peak Highway 
The Pikes Peak Highway is a 19-mile toll road that runs from Cascade, Colorado to the summit of Pikes Peak in El Paso County, at an altitude of 14,115 feet. It is at least partially open year-round, up to the altitude where snow removal becomes excessively difficult. The rate structure varies depending on time of year and ranges from $10 per adult and $5 per child throughout winter up to $50 per carload with discounts on additional passengers.

Ute Pass
The Ute Pass is a mountain pass west of Colorado Springs that ranges from a peak elevation at Divide of 9,165 to 6,165 feet at its lowest point