Frequently Asked Questions

How does purchasing a property from your site work?

You can check out right on our website for the minimum downpayment to reserve a property. Then, we”ll get together a purchase-sale agreement together which we will send over SignNow. If you are doing owner financing, let us know the highest downpayment and monthly payment that you can commit to.

Are their any hidden fees when buying land from you?

Nothing is hidden! We’re fully transparent and happy to answer any question you may have. We charge a $249 document fee for each transaction.

If you are considering owner financing with us,  Make sure to check out this blog post on how we charge interest on our sister company’s website. We also will charge you pro-rata monthly costs including the property taxes, HOA dues (if applicable), and  a note servicing fee ($10/mo) for the bookkeeping involved with owner financing.

Are you a real estate agent?

No, we are not real estate agents. We actually own the properties that we are selling.

How do I know that this isn't a scam?

I’d probably be wondering the same thing if I was in your shoes.

Make sure to check out this blog post on how to tell whether or not a land salesperson may be scamming you.https://genfamproperties.com/is-this-a-scam/

What kind of guarantees do you provide?

We believe so strongly in what we do that we have 3 guarantees that we stand behind.

Check out this blog post.

Why Do We Sell Our Properties and How do We Get Them?

Watch and listen to one of our founders, Dave Denniston, discuss how we get our properties and why we sell them.